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by noino

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as a promise to myself for the new year, i rented out a piano studio in the upper west side to record some improvised piano compositions. unfortunately, there was some heavy construction going on on the rooftop directly across the street from my practice space, with the jarring clamor of pounding and jackhammering bleeding into my room and obliterating any hopes of a clean, pristine recording. i was pretty bummed and felt like i had wasted a lot of money and time. when i got home and sorted through the recordings, i came up with the idea to slow them down and process the recordings through effects i found to be complimentary to the melodic motifs of each piece. and you know what? that construction noise wasn't such a hinderance anymore. now the incessant chugging of the bulldozer that i first thought to be obtrusive somehow elevated the recordings and imbued them with this strange ghostly atmosphere. when i listened back, it sounded like i was playing piano in the middle of a civil war battlefield, with cannons and muskets going off in the distance. i came to embrace those background sounds as just as important as the piano playing itself. i guess it was a nice lesson in relinquishing control. you can't control how everything's gonna turn out. you just gotta roll with whatever unforeseeable variables that come at you and adapt. it's okay if something's not perfect. more often than not, it's probably better that it isn't.

i'm admittedly the least technically accomplished piano player, but what i lack in chops i make for in heart. this is one of the least self-conscious things i've put together, so i hope you'll give it a listen (but only when you're in the mood for something sad, cause it is by and large pretty melancholy). shout out to Vonnie DeLong for the cover art!


released February 18, 2016

cover art by Vonnie DeLong




noino Brooklyn, New York

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